Another Loki Gif-Challenge!

When you meet Loki for the first time your reaction is the 4th gif from the bottom:



Loki’s reaction when he meets you, 20th gif:


[Aw.. Okay T-T]

Loki asks you to join his army. Your reaction 45th gif:


[Accurate! :D]

After defeating your first Avenger your reaction is 16th gif:

tumblr_inline_mhrx6qZWKM1rsw1yf.gif (500×213)

[Is that everything you guys can do?]

When you heard that Loki has been captured by the Avengers. 31st gif from the end:

tumblr_m49nin6iri1r0ddtt.gif (160×160)

[Loki… I’m dissappointed.]

When Loki has been saved and you see him again. Your react is 28th gif:

tumblr_inline_mfsul30nRl1runrhg.gif (423×269)

[All these feels *_*]

Loki tells you that he has feelings for you. Your reaction is 52nd gif: 

tumblr_mdfrdzzaPu1ry8dot.gif (500×281)

[Aw, you’re joking, aren’t you?]

 Loki asks you to help him rule the world together as his Queen. 8th gif from the end is your reaction:   

tumblr_mdq9gdQJLU1qlae9z.gif (500×219)

[Uhm.. I don’t quite know.. :D]

Your reaction is 18th gif from the end when you see aliens are attacking New York:    

tumblr_inline_mk2yt9aEhe1qz4rgp.gif (500×285)


You find Loki after Hulk has smashed him on the floor. 59th gif:    

tumblr_inline_mi82u7RCKh1qz4rgp.gif (250×160)

[I cannot believe it.]

Loki is hurt and you want to help him but he doesn’t want your help. He tells you to go away. Your react 40th gif:            


[… ‘kay, bye.]

Before you leave, Loki grabs your hand (WITH THE LAST OF HIS STRENGTH) and kisses you goodbye. Your reaction is 33rd from the end:            


[Oh my GOD, he actually kissed me! *///*]

You sneak to see when The Avengers meet up one last time to say goodbye and to give the Tesseract to Thor who takes it and Loki back to Asgard. You feel like 20th gif from the end:


[I’m on my way to Loki!]

Later that day you hear Loki’s voice calling out to you across space, he’s using his magic to tell you that he misses you. Your reaction is 26th from the end:


[Shit, fuck, shit shit fuck! I’ll never see him again!]

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